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Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is a very real, very serious problem. Annually eight thousand Americans lose the battle to oral cancer. Generally assumed a cancer for smokers or alcoholics, 1 in 4 oral cancer patients are not due to those reasons. Catching signs early will help. At Arbor View Dental, we have incorporated an oral cancer screening into your dental checkup. Dr. Matz will check for any abnormalities in your gums, tongue, cheeks and neck including unusual growths or open wounds, indicating a possible problem.

What is a oral cancer screening?

Oral cancer screenings are fast, they take less than five minutes, using a tongue depressor and possibly a scope, Dr. Matz performs a visual inspection. This is a painless process that could save you from larger problems.

Possible signs of oral cancer:

woman with sore mouth, Dentist Douglas Matz Portland OR
•  Discoloration or unusual texture changes to your oral tissue.
•  Open sores in your mouth that are persistent and slow to heal.
•  A lump in the neck, even if it causes you no discomfort.
•  Difficulty in swallowing.
•  Pain or discomfort in your mouth, ears and/or throat.

For more information on dental exams or oral cancer screenings, contact our Portland office at: 503-465-4848
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